Side Piece – Please Don’t Stand so Close to Me

LaFawnDuhSide Pieces. The Urban Dictionary defines them as a girl you call up at 2AM and she knows what’s up. Here in the IlumoStratus, Side Pieces are books that small task forces of Brothers read and report back on as to whether the book is worthy of our powerful examination. Behold some reconnoitering…

When back in 1980, Sting sang “Just like theee, old maaan in, that book by Naaabokov” many of us teenagers hadn’t the vaguest idea what that meant.

Lo. Lee. Ta. Lolita. That is the book by Nabokov. In the IMHO of many readers, it is undoubtedly one of the finest bits of writing in existence. Replete with luxurious words, buoyant wit, and clever wordplay. At times the reader will soar in this book. So welcome aboard…also on-board are: Statutory Rape, Pedophilia, Guilt and Cupid…although the pudgy little guy took an Ambien and put a blanket over his head to feign a quick sleep. The debonair Humbert Humbert, having lost young love by the seaside, finds himself willingly or unwillingly craving a replacement. A nymphet. In due course, he tries to recapture that lost love in New England pre-teen Dolores Haze. Either its true love or he’s a common, filthy pervert. The tough part is he cops to both.

People who are caught, tend to justify anything in the name of anything. Slap Love in the 2nd anything slot and the first anything can be a doozy as is the theme of Lolita. To murk it up a bit more, at a few paces distance, love and lust are identical twins. Dr. Humbert treats the reader as if they sit in the jury box. The intensity of his love for Delores at many points in the book would be enough for Kim to kick Kanye to the curb, but that needs to be weighed against his time on a Parisian park bench looking over the top of his book.

Although the book could certainly be shortened without losing any merit, this is still an amazing read and provides fodder for lively discussion. Recommended.


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