Case Histories

case What is wrong with Netflix? You would think you can order anything but the very latest TV to be streamed into you domicile. Nope, you need to rent the DVD for Case Histories? With that kind of service, they could be the next MySpace or Friendster.

The actual book is engaging. Enter caricature private eye with a soft spot for damsels. His bread and butter is tailing potentially philandering wives, but now he will be investigating some rather cold, rather sad cases. Unsurprisingly, via some massive strokes of luck and without much wasted effort, he solves them. The reader isn’t given too much to go on as you advance, so you will have to wait for Mr. Brodie to have his breakthroughs.

It’s likely that you will only care for 2 of the 3-cases presented, one is really brutal, but as the fat man waving and squeezing a handful of scarves said…don’t be sad, because 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. Beach read for the CSI, CSI-LA, CSI-NY, CSI-New Orleans and CSI-Ottumwa, Iowa set. Enjoy, and send Netflix an email entreating them to actually become Netflix.


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