How to Win Friends and Influence People

carnegie_ Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Harvey MacKay, M. Scott Peckerhead…they are all just Beatlemania compared to Dale Carnegie, i.e., the original article himself. Admittedly, this was a different sort of a book for the Iluminado to examine, but the discussion was in no way dulled. It appears simple…be positive, appreciate people, hear them out with sincere interest and for the love of Pete…Smile! And yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it. The tricky part is in the application, after all this is an unashamedly mercenary title. We had almost all read this staple decades ago and had our benchtop studies to recount, but the truth is we felt we had moved on. But had we? Meeting Carnegie again was like bumping into an old school teacher and remembering what that teacher had tried to pass on years ago… some bits of good advice. As our dear friend Art Vandelay, who owns the largest Import-Export Company in Clayton, Missouri used to say “Sharpen the Saw. Re-read the Classics.” This reinforced that.


A Visit from the Goon Squad

goon As hip a piece of fiction that has been pumped out over the past several years. A book you want to be seen carrying as you sport your urban lumberjack threads at the local farmers’ market or coffee den. Tight, stylish and a well written account of characters with an average of 1.5-degrees of separation from the life and career of a music executive. The book has harvested loads of literary awards and is a fine read, but it is it all that good? Without spoiling anything, let’s say it has as promising a start as any book we’ve picked-up, but in the end there was a slight feeling of unfulfillment. If you are a baseball fan, then the book was a bit of a J.D. Drew.

If it was a group of short stories instead of a novel, what awards does it win? Without the PowerPoint chapter, is there as much buzz?

In correspondence with the great Nathan Hobby, the James Wood of Australia, one thing we could agree on…the newspaper-wrapped striped bass that made it from the East River and into the gleaming skyscraper office of a music executive was clearly Robert Freeman Jr. circling back to Sasha or Jesus Christ.