Elect Mr. Robinson for a Better World

drawn-and-quartered Quick, quixotic and funny read. There are no dopey teenage romances in what we have to guess is a post-apocalyptic, sea-side Florida municipality of author Donald Antrim’s creation. Instead of that sop, nascent mayoral candidate and dedicated educator, Pete Robinson, sits padlocked in his own attic going over a series of recent events, which despite Pete’s best efforts to nurture them as teachable moments, went a bit too far.

Pete’s inner voice is the POV and it is marvelous. The thoughtful enthusiasm at which he tackles his tasks, while analyzing himself and others, will endear him to you. The town civic and business leaders are quirky (half-nuts) as well, which leads to memorable vignettes of the Rotary’s theriomorphism workshop, the use of library reference books to set off the claymores laid in the local park and the defenses at places like the Rainbow Pillbox and Fort Ed & Jane.

But Pete takes the cake with his attentiveness to the previous mayor’s last request, his ruminations on the local MILFs, recruitment of instructors and students for his home school, explanation of the dead’s resurrection into trees, and his campaign slogans – PETE ROBINSON BLEEDS FOR YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE.

185-pages of frivolities with no important destination, but well worth the trip.


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