There’s Something I Want You to Do

minnie Much like A Visit from the Goon Squad, you better pay attention to everyone in this act of knitting by Charles Baxter. The book’s ten virtue/vice titled chapters orbit with, once again, minimal degrees of separation from Minneapolis-based pediatrician Dr. Elijah Jones or the city’s Washington Avenue Bridge. Additionally, the book has two built-in sports: 1) finding how the action in the chapter relates to its title, e.g., where is the Chastity or Gluttony in their chapters, and 2) where did a character ask another about something they want them to do.

Games aside, the book a quiet accomplishment. Within the 221-pages are well drawn players, delicate details and always something that’s a little off. That off-ness lays anchor in the reader’s grey matter and persistently agitates. A worthwhile read, with enough diverse content to hook most. Examples being the straightforward introspection of Wes in Loyalty or the inspired breakthrough in Forbearance. Enjoy.


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