The Palace Thief Stories

juli And that brings up the new outfielder from our Triple A affiliate, Ethan Canin. The rookie is 4 for 4 in his major league debut and has hit for The Cycle.

Nope, never happens. Similar to when you pick-up a book of short stories, invariably a few strike out. If you bat .500, you’re happy. However, in this case the four stories that comprise The Palace Thief Stories are all hits. There maybe some variability in what each reader feels is the triple and the double in the set, but there are no sacrifices made in order to get the book to the publishers preferred heft. This is a quality collection.

If you think the upcoming Ben Affleck move The Accountant is based on the story of the same name in The Palace Thief Stories, it isn’t. If you think the Kevin Kline movie The Emperor’s Club is based on the title story, it is…complete with the absurdly simple Roman history questions.


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