Pillars of The Earth

There is a first time for everything, so who might the first repeat author assigned to all the Illuminado be? Hemmingway? Vonnegut? McCarthy? Steinbeck? Turns out its Ken Follett with Pillars of the Earth.

On the bright side, it was better written than A Dangerous Fortune. On the puzzling side, it was written 4-years before a Dangerous Fortune…so is Ken getting worse? I’d say a different ghost writer, but all the Follett hallmarks are there. The repetitiveness, nair do well plotters pulling the strings of the virtuous, two sentence major plot twists amidst large tracts of tedium and silly names for the caricatures…I mean characters. Once again, Ken, who could easily get a gig as a writer on Days of Our Lives or General Hospital, never lets anyone get too high for too long without raping or mutilating them. After two books, its also pretty clear that Mrs. Ken isn’t getting away with any Missionary horsesh1t. The dude is pervy.

As predictable and trite as this book is, it goes very quickly. Enjoy.


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