To the Back of Beyond

Astrid goes inside to check on the kids and her husband, Thomas, puts down his wine glass and walks out the backyard gate. No note, no obvious reason. Days roll by. No contact, no information. It turns out that Thomas has gone on a Swiss walkabout. Author Peter Stamm leaves a lot for interpretation, but not when it comes to the description the alpine outdoors and the little unseen trails between inhabited places. You will start to notice, and wonder what is in the open space near you. As for Stamm’s actual intent, he likely wants you to wonder about what it would take to make you truly free and/or happy. If the reader uses this book as a jumping off to life altering self-discovery, then the author will be sated. If the reader finds the book monotonous, implausible and owning a wholly unsatisfying ending, then the author will have to be content with the reader’s money.


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