The Sun is God

Adrian McKinty injects a little fiction into the stranger than fiction story of the Cocovores of the Bismarck Archipelago. In the early 1900s, German crackpot August Engelhadt decided that worshipping the sun via nude sunbathing and eating the fruit that grows closest to the sun, the coconut, would beget immortality. He’s dead, but McKinty uses an invented English Boer War MP escaping his past in Imperial backwater of Herbertshohe to turn a death among these Moonies into an interesting whodunit. A short book that will shed some light on a part of the globe and German history you likely know little about. There is a wonderful POV switch in the book’s penultimate chapter, which alone makes it worth the investment of a few hours, but don’t bump it up your queue too much.


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